Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon

My name is Andrew Gordon, and I arrived at Alto Refugio in the first week of October to work as a volunteer. I am from Pennsylvania, a state in the United States, but I am now living here in Asuncion for 10 months. I am volunteering as part of a group from Mennonite Mission Network, which is a Christian organization in the U.S.A.

I believe God’s calling for my life was to participate in a year of service, and I chose to follow this call. My journey has led me here, to Paraguay, and more specifically, to Alto Refugio. I will attend a University after this year, but right now my focus is on serving God and the people He is putting in my life.

In the United States, I work at a Christian camp with many young people during the summers. Because I enjoy working with young people, I am now working with the adolescents here at Alto Refugio. This is an answer to prayer for me, because working with young people is my passion and is something I want to do in the future as well.

In the mornings I will work around Alto Refugio, doing whatever thing needs to be done – cleaning the pool, filling bags in the pantry, cleaning, etc. In the afternoons I go upstairs and spend time with the adolescents. We have English classes, devotionals, and many other activities. I am looking forward for God to work in their lives and also in mine.

“Come near to God and he will come near to you.” James 4:8


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