Austin Regier

Austin Regier

Hello, my name is Austin Regier and I am a volunteer at Alto Refugio from the United States. I came with Radical Journey, which is a service program through the Mennonite Church. I will be working at Alto Refugio for ten months and have already been here for three.

Normally I work with kids in Dulce Refugio, in the kitchen packing up food items, or at Hotel Primavera, doing yard work and painting. However there have also been many odd jobs thrown in on the side, including cleaning gutters and sorting out thousands of containers of yogurt that were donated. I have really enjoyed my time here so far and am beginning to feel like I am a part of this ministry.

Both the people whom I work with, and also the patients that I have met, have all been extraordinarily kind and welcoming to me, and building relationships has been very easy because of this. I am also continually impressed by how Alto Refugio spreads god’s word through everything they do. They not only help people on a physical level, but also on a mental and spiritual level. One can truly see that this is a place of love.


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