Beatriz: “…At age 14 I married…”

Beatriz: “…At age 14 I married…”

My name is Beatriz*, and I’m 27 years old. At age 14 I married an older man. I lived with him five years like a prisoner. Later I escaped and, in search of happiness, began to date, dance, and drink. I was given the opportunity to work in a massage parlor, when in fact they were looking for sex workers. I began to prostitute myself to make more money. I got pregnant and had my first son. I continued there, but quit when I met the father of my second son. In the last months of the pregnancy, I took the ELISA test for HIV/AIDS and it came out positive. My companion deserted me and it seemed like my life was over. I had a cesarean section done to prevent my son from being infected, but even so, he showed all the symptoms of also having the disease. I became depressed and one night I put my children to sleep and prepared to commit suicide. Just when I had attached the rope to the ceiling, my youngest son began to cry very loudly. At that moment I left everything and went to be with him. Later I asked God to either help me commit suicide or show me a different path.

Not even 24 hours had passed when He answered my prayer: I met a friend from my childhood, and she invited me to go to a church, where I accepted Christ as my Savior. My life completely changed and I know now that there was a reason God let this sickness enter my life. I am now able to help many people who are passing through the same situation. I’m also very happy because both of my sons are healthy – totally free of HIV.

And this message is for you: We have to take it to heart when God tells us to be holy and promises great blessings to obedient children. Through everything we must be examples of purity, whether we are single or married.

I appreciate everyone that accepts me as I am and I encourage everyone in the Paraguayan society to NOT DISCRIMINATE against the people that live with HIV/AIDS.

Remember: God does not discriminate, and what matters to Him is not our appearance, but our heart.


*Name changed, illustrative image.


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