Carmen Ramírez

Carmen Ramírez

I am Carmen Ramírez. In short, I grew up in a non-Christian home; I accepted Jesus and got baptized when I was 15 years old. This was the best experience of my life; I felt peace, security of eternal life, joy, happiness, and many other things which I could only experience in that moment.

Today I’m married and I have four daughters; the youngest is 20 years old. We are from Itapúa, but for more than ten years I already live Filadelfia, a town located in the Chaco, department of Boquerón. We attend the church “Jesús en Camino” and our pastor’s name is Ronald Balzer.

In this church I heard about Alto Refugio for the first time and the work they carry out deeply impressed me; from that day on we always supported Alto Refugio through prayers and I had a desire to serve there. For some time now, we live in Asunción for different reasons. I volunteer, cooperating with whatever is in my possibilities, doing a small part to build God’s kingdom. I believe that Alto Refugio is like fertile land where sowing will never be in vain. Some sow love, others sow Money, time, and happiness; all of this is worth it because the kingdom of heaven is spreading thanks to this work.


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