David & Judy Schmidt

Judy says:

“The challenge is great, and for that we need the wisdom we receive when we enter in God’s presence in humilty and we seek His will. We know that your prayers accompany ours, and this gives us joy and courage to continue inspite of our limitations, recognizing that this is His Work and not ours. We are grateful for the volunteers who serve with joy in every aspect. At the same time, we miss our Brother Blas, who was the coordinator for the education department. He had a very important tast in Alto Refugio and in our society. We are praying that somebody can take his place in this work and in counseling. Thank you.”


David says:

“These are some of the members of our “Alto Refugio” family. Each one of us contributes something special in this place, and there will be more yet who will share their feelings. Others participate as members of the Directives Committee, which supervises the work and creates the statutes to be presented as we apply for our Legal Status/Capacity.



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