Direct from the Director 2012

Direct from the Director 2012


Director’s Report for 2012


What happens when there are fewer workers, but the work continues to grow? Of course it means more work for those who remain. This is the reality at Alto Refugio. For various reasons, several of our workers have left, and we haven’t always found replacements. So we had to make decisions. What are our priorities—the work that we need to continue—and what work can we reduce?

Without a doubt, we want to continue with the basic services like food, clothing, and medicine. We want to care for the children and help the mothers as much as possible. We want to offer dental service again. All these areas cover important basic needs of the People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs).

But we are left with this question: What is the most important ingredient in AMAR? What makes us different from other institutions? And the answer is always the same—undoubtedly, God has raised up AMAR, and our priority should be the same as his—to extend His kingdom here on earth. Our challenge, then, is this: How can we here at AMAR take part in the growth of His kingdom?

We want to do this by strengthening the areas of Reception, Counseling, Daily Devotionals, Support Group, and Hospital Visits. We still have key people to cover these. I would also like to include AIDS prevention talks in this list, but we understand that others are covering this area better, so for lack of personnel, it will not be one of our priorities in the coming year.

2012 has been a year of many blessings, and I’m sure the blessings will continue to grow, as we are willing to be shaped by the One who brought us here. We have an excellent staff and a faithful God who will carry us forward to continue serving our neighbors until he returns. To God be all glory.

David Schmidt


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