HIV/AIDS Prevention Talks

HIV/AIDS Prevention Talks

Reaching out with a clear message.


We wish to offer our support with multi-media workshops on HIV/AIDS FREE OF CHARGE  addressing schools, churches, businesses and others.

We focus on the following objectives:

1) Prevention of the HIV infection.

2) Help lessen the personal and social impact related to HIV/AIDS received by the victims and families.

3) Identify and correct the myths and misunderstandings concerning the transmission.

4) Understand the role of supporting affected people.

5) Emphasize the benefits of sexual abstinence and marital faithfulness.


Statistics (year 2013):

Place Quantity Participants
High Schools 18 1673
Universities 1 200
Churches 11 1220
Hospitals 1 20
Others 1 20
TOTAL 32 3133


If you are interested to have access to an educational talk, please download a form(spanish)

Contact us
by telephone:         0981 – 242 100
by e-mail:      
Contact person:     Elsa Hein

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