Elma Harder Belen

Elma Harder Belen

I’m been working as a school teacher for eight years. I also work in youth camps during the summer. I’ve heard of Alto Refugio many times over the years. I wanted to visit and learn about the ministry, but I never had the opportunity. Finally in January of 2011, my husband Jon and I volunteered to serve in Alto Refugio for January 2012.

Every day when in Alto Refugio, talking to people, cleaning the floors, and working with the children amongst many other things, I valued more the work and dedication of people that are working here. It is not just simply a work, but a demonstration of God’s love in practical ways to many people.

I learned so much about the mercy, grace, and unconditional love of God during my time at Alto Refugio. I will never forget that special time serving in Alto Refugio. Thank you to the directors, administrators, and volunteers for giving Jon and I the privilege of being able to work together. Blessings from the Almighty God.


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