Experiences from Refugio Primavera, 2012

Experiences from Refugio Primavera, 2012

From Wendy de Ávalos, coordinator of Hospedaje Refugio Primavera (Spring Refuge Inn)

My husband Samy and I began the year 2012 with a big move to our new home and vocation here at Hospedaje Refugio Primavera in Mariano Roque Alonso, habitacióna suburb of Asunción. After much cleanup and preparation, the inn was ready to receive guests again. In this year, we have had wonderful times and times of crisis and difficulty, and have learned all about how to operate an inn.

patio y pisciniaOne thing that never fails here is the abundance of work. On the premises, we have a large building with a dining room, kitchen, laundry, reception area, thirteen guest rooms, a garage, and a spacious yard with a beautiful pool. We work hard to keep it all clean, tidy, dust-free, and ready for guests 24 hours a day.


We have been blessed to have many people help us with the work throughout this year.

Benjamin - recortado

During the first six months, Yolanda de Benítez (from Paraguay) helped us with the cleaning and reception. We have had many volunteers who were a great blessing to us and made many improvements to the inn. Corrie (from Paraguay) lived and worked with us for several months and made new curtains for all the guest rooms and bathrooms. Benjamin (from Germany) was an excellent painter. Several rooms and the outside walls and gate are much prettier because of his hard work. The yard was kept clean for many months by Andrew and Tim (from the US), and now by Sam (from the US). We have been very blessed to have Romi y KalebRomina (from Paraguay) with us. Since May she has helped with the cleaning, receiving guests, answering the telephone and making reservations, caring for our son Kaleb, cooking, preparing breakfast, and waiting on the needs of the guests at any hour. By then we had realized that operating an inn is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week job. Romina’s arrival gave us much relief. We are also very grateful for all the times David and Judy Schmidt and Beto and Elsa Hein have offered to take a turn working weekends at the inn so that Samy and I could travel to the interior of Paraguay where he has a dental practice.

Maria y PeterBy the end of the year, we began to pray that God would send us another person to work full-time at the inn. And God answered us by sending Maria and Peter Vogt. They are an older couple who came from the Chaco to help us during 2013. We split the responsibilities. Maria gets up early to take care of guests in the morning, and I stay up late for those who arrive at night. She runs the inn during the day, washing the sheets and keeping everything clean and tidy. It is a big help to have her handle reservations because most of the guests want to speak German!

Wendy de Ávalos con su esposo Samy e hijo Kaleb.

Wendy de Ávalos with her husband Samy and son Kaleb.

Our wish is to continue to develop and improve the inn for our guests, knowing that every guest is supporting Alto Refugio and those with live with HIV/AIDS.


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