Gerardo Rotela

I had a strong desire to serve God and others; that is why I volunteer at Alto Refugio. I officially began in August, volunteering on Tuesdays. I learned to love people as they are. I worked with people of different social classes, something I had never done before. I went to God to ask His help. He answered and challenged me; He told me to love as He loves me—in spite of all my faults, failures, and defects. Why shouldn’t I do the same? Now I have learned well what it is to love one’s neighbor. It’s much more than words; it is showing and living that love every day. I saw that Alto Refugio fulfills this love—that is what impacted me most. At times I shared about God’s faithfulness to me, and that I have received many blessings. I am very grateful to God and the directors for giving me the opportunity to participate in Alto Refugio. I’ll end with this word: “He who works for God does not work in vain, but He is just and will reward each one according to his time and purpose.” May God bless and keep you forever!


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