(Dave and Judy’s niece that came for the month of June to volunteer)

“I really learned a lot in the short time I was at Alto Refugio. I felt like I was on holy ground when many of them trusted me with their stories of traumatic experiences. I have rarely been around people who have suffered as much as some of them have – both physically and emotionally. At the same time, they are able to live with joy and pray with such sincerity. For many of them God is truly their only hope, something that I have so much to learn about. One of the greatest things I learned at Alto Refugio was about Love. When you think about it, what Alto Refugio gives is small – a free meal and some free medication. However, to these people it is huge, because it is given with love. Love is what Alto Refugio is all about, and what makes it so much more than a handout. It is an opportunity to know Jesus and to feel his love through real ways and through real people who love Him. While at Alto Refugio I became passionate about love and about serving people, and I hope that the passion can continue in my life no matter what I am doing.”

Note: illustrative image.


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