Icing to the cake

Icing to the cake

Ever since the doors of Alto Refugio have opened over ten years ago, the Lord has used this ministry to build His Kingdom. We chose a phrase in Ecl. 4:9 as our motto (Better are two than one), and that has reflected our purpose very well over these years.

Regarding the staff that has been working here, the Lord has been molding us and using us to bless the workers. Sometimes we have had to be firm and make tough decisions, but our desire has always been for each worker to grow in their Faith Walk, no matter where each one is in that process. Each worker here is a gift from God that we value greatly.

Regarding the Paraguayan people, the Lord has been using us to proclaim a clear message to not discriminate against those living with HIV, and to value our bodies by abstaining from sexual activity before marriage and remaining faithful within the marriage commitment. It continues to be a high priority to spread this message in a land where we have incredible open doors to speak with liberty.

As a result of this ministry, the Lord has allowed us to walk alongside thousands of people who have been affected by HIV. We want to help carry the load that is sometimes too heavy, and more than that, we want to point them to the ONE that can exchange the heavy load for a light one.

As I approached the last day of my work in Alto Refugio, I make another round to the hospital waiting room. There I meet many people that I have gotten to know over the years. Then, in the back corner I see a couple that I have not met before. I approach them and introduce myself, and when I explain to them about Alto Refugio, the woman begins to sob. Sitting down beside her, I listen as she expresses her desperation about the HIV diagnosis that she has just recently received.

Since they have a long wait yet to see the doctor, she agrees to come with me to Alto Refugio.

Here she receives breakfast and is introduced to a Christian counselor who has been living with HIV for many years. During their lengthy conversation together, the counselor asks her if she would like to receive Jesus into her heart. She responds with enthusiasm, “Yes, yes, that is exactly what I want!”

Later the counselor excitedly tells me about her experience of leading this woman to the Lord, and I say again, “Thank you Lord. As I finish my time here in Alto Refugio, this is the ICING ON THE CAKE.

David schmidt


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