Judy shares about her first Hospice Case – Sept. 2013

Judy shares about her first Hospice Case – Sept. 2013

N… came to consult at LACIMET hospital accompanied by her “madrina”. N…. had been on antiretroviral drugs for some time, but had abandoned her treatment. Now she was suffering with several months of diarrhea; she was anemic and was losing a lot of weight. They had hoped that she would be hospitalized, but they did not take her in. They stayed in Alto Refugio for several nights while going through procedures of analysis, consultations and getting back on her medications. When she was ready to return home, they wanted her to be back in ten days for another appointment.

The madrina did not want to take her on the long bus trip in that condition so that is when I offered her to stay with us. On Sept. 6, after we celebrated our 10th anniversary of the AMAR center, we took N…. with us to our place. She stayed for night, and on the 7th, her cousin and aunt came from Luque to visit with her and brought her some food supplies. But N…. was feeling worse, with strong spasms and a swollen abdomen.

We took her to the Emergency Ward at LACIMET, and after spending hours with her that Saturday evening and then on Sunday morning, she seemed to be improving. But on Monday she was getting worse, and on Tuesday her mother came. On Thursday pm I went to visit N…. again. She was receiving oxygen and the mother was crying – sensing that the end was nearing. Bending near N…. I asked her if she would like to pray the sinner’s prayer – to prepare either to live or to die. She agreed and after praying, she assured me that she really meant it. I tried to comfort the mother as well.

On Friday the 14th, N…. went to be with the Lord. Not what we had expected, but the Lord called her and she went.


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