I’m Noelia*. Seven years ago, I was infected with HIV. When I was 15 years old, my family forced me into a marriage out of agreement: so that my brother would not go to prison. But since I got married, I lived in hell because I wasn’t happy with my husband. One day, when he got very sick, he was hospitalized and fell in coma. The doctors did not know what he had. One day, his doctor made him and myself take the Test Elisa. When the doctor called to tell me that our tests resulted HIV postive, right then it felt like my life was over. I had to live with it alone. I could not tell my family because I was afraid of discrimination.

At that time, I had 2 children and I was 4 months pregnant. When I was at the hospital with my husband, I was told that my daughter had died. And 10 days later I had another blow: my husband had also passed away.

I kept on until my son was born. He lived for only 4 months. By then, I only had one child left, and I thank God that he is healthy. This gave me strength to fight.

Five years passed and my sickness seemed to have ended. I worked and lived for my only son, until one day I had a serious car accident. I had fractures in 6 different parts of my spine. They took me to Emergencias Medicas and I had to be operated. They did all the studies including Test Elisa, which came out positive once again. My family was told that I had AIDS, and they all abandoned me. All alone I was transferred to LACIMET, and there I spent a very long time not being able to move by myself.

One day, I met Pastor David and Sister Judith, and a guy named Rene, who talked about the Word of God. This gave me strength to fight to the day I was able to walk again. Then I was relieved from the hospital and I got to know the people of ALTO REFUGIO – my new family who does not discriminate me. They give me strength to live, and now I am healthy and happy with my new family and with my adopted mom, Celia. She gave me love and support, and now I understand that the spiritual things are more important than anything else.

Note: illustrative image.

*changed name


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