Poem by a Teenager who cared for his brother

Poem by a Teenager who cared for his brother

I used to think that when my boat sinks,
it would be the end of the road for me.
The waves of the relentless seas defy my walk of life;
with destructive force and rage it devours humanity.
I used to believe that my boat was battered,
that the ferocious waters swallowed me up
and that the darkness persecuted me.
I thought that it was impossible to go back to the top
when I fell into the abyss.
I have forgotten that God created the mountaintop
not to be climbed upon but for us to stay on;
and that God did not give us the boat to have it shipwrecked
but to help us survive and stay afloat in the deep ocean.
I have understood that God made other boats stronger than mine,
not out of injustice, but because He knew that I would need them someday.

Today He knew that I needed them so he placed them in my way.
Now I feel that my boat floats toward firm land,
pulled by those boats that taught me that sadness does not end a war;
that when it seems as though it is the end of rejoicing,
one can know that the waves cannot sink a boat guided by God.

All that is left for me to do now is give thanks to all the people who showed me how to see that God places His hands of love on his desperate child;
who helped me keep my boat (my faith) afloat.
And to God in His great love,
did not forget me in my suffering.
He made me remember that the sea I was exploring
was not that one He meant for me.
To my almighty God I owe Him my faith and devotion.
To all the members of High Refuge Ministry.
Thank You for giving me faith.



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