Raquel Froese

Raquel Froese

Hi! My name is Raquel. I’m 23 years old, and I’ve been serving at Alto Refugio since January. I enjoy working here because every day I see the love and power of God evident in the lives of the many people who come looking for help. Each day is full of surprises.

But what’s hardest is seeing so much discrimination against the people who have HIV. I’m not infected, but all the same I’m affected. I work with these people, and I feel their pain. They are very sensitive because of the rejection they feel from society and, in some cases, from their families.

I want the general public to be informed about this disease and stop thinking it’s contagious; to stop being afraid to talk, drink tereré, give a hug, or simply be near people with HIV. And I want to encourage all those who want to serve. Come and see how much there is do!


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