Report from the Education Department – 2012

Report from the Education Department – 2012


In 2012, Melanie Dyck de Duarte was the coordinator of the Education Department.

The main AIDS talk presenter was Pastor David Schmidt, assisted by Melanie Dyck de Duarte.

We found many open doors for our AIDS prevention talks and met many people who had interest in supporting our ministry. Our presentations sparked some important conversations with young people who identified with the topics we discussed.


Three of the workers at Alto Refugio, Silvia González, Viviana Ortiz, and Emi Oviedo, shared their personal testimonies as part of our presentations. The former two left Alto Refugio mid-year for personal reasons, leaving only one, so in the final months of 2012, we used a recorded testimony on DVD for some of our talks.


In addition to our educational activities in and around Asunción, we traveled to other locations throughout the year, including Minga Guasú and Ciudad del Este, Coronel Oviedo, Caazapá, Santaní, Paraguarí, and the Chaco.

Other Communications

In addition to our regular AIDS talks, we had the opportunity to share information about Alto Refugio at a Mennonite church in the Chaco and during a concert for young people in Mariano Roque Alonso, a suburb of Asunción.

Statistics for 2011 and 2012


Place Number Attendees
Schools 36 6,006
Universities 2 32
Businesses 4 165
Churches 9 531
Camps 2 155
Health Department 5 250
Mass Media 5
Other 9 1,292
TOTAL 72 8,431



Place Number Attendees
Schools 42 7,670
Universities 11 846
Businesses 3 110
Churches 25 1,632
Camps 2 77
Health Department 2 44
Mass Media various
Training Sessions 2 62
Other 3 75
TOTAL 90 10,516


Support Group

Coordinating the Support Group meetings was another task of the Education Department this year. The topics covered included values, health, mental health, emotions, interpersonal relations, and issues important to people living with HIV/AIDS such as nutrition and welfare. Each meeting also included a devotional and a time of prayer. It was a year full of blessings, positive experiences, people ready to listen and learn, and a group dynamic of trust and cooperation.


In the second half of 2012, we did fewer AIDS talks because Melanie Dyck de Duarte’s work focused more on the development of the future AIDS hospice, and Pastor David Schmidt was out of the country from June to September. At the end of the year Melanie ended her service at Alto Refugio for family reasons (she’s going to have a baby).

We thank God for his faithfulness and for the privilege to participate in the building of his kingdom! And we thank each one of you for your trust, support, and prayers!

Melanie Dyck de Duarte


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