Sexual Purity Campaign

Sexual Purity Campaign

Our campaign to promote sexual abstinence and faithfulness in marriage.


From the 2nd of October to the 4th of December of 2010, we launched a challenging campaign to promote sexual abstinenceuntil marriage and faithfulness in marriage.

The campaign, “SI SE PUEDE” (Yes you can) was given this name to go against the idea that this lifestyle is impossible to carry out in this day and age as a young person.

60% of the people infected with HIV/AIDS are adolescents and youth. More than 90% are infected through sexual relations. It is more than necessary to make people aware that the problem is not in using or not using a condom, but rather the problem begins in the lifestyle.

For the month of November and December 2010, we prepared “spots” or video clips that promoted our campaign and our message. They were publicized on Red Guarani (channel 2) and Telefuturo (channel 4). On the 1st of December the frequency of these commercials was doubled due to the fact that it was the World Day of AIDS. We have received very good comments and feedback from this campaign.


It was a tremendous blessing and a wonderful experience to have all the support and help of many different organizations, businesses and people that made it possible to carry out this campaign. We especially want to thank JCGroup; on December 4th they brought Jaci Velazques to Paraguay for a concert and allowed us to have a time during the evening to finish our campaign off with a grand finale. Many young people had a chance to hear a clear message about the reality of HIV/AIDS in Paraguay as well as the testimony of how Alto Refugio began and what we are doing. Edgar Lacarruba, a PWLA, shared his story about how having HIV/AIDS led him to commit his life to the Lord and how his life was transformed completely.

We are very satisfied with the results of all our work and time invested in this campaign during these 2 months. It was a very challenging but unique experience for Alto Refugio. It is our desire to continue to with more campaigns of this kind in order to promote the only alternative that is 100% guaranteed to eliminate HIV/AIDS in Paraguay and that is sexual abstinence and staying faithful in marriage.

We thank everyone that in one way or another formed part in this campaign.


Watch the “SI SE PUEDE” video clips here:


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