Stefanie Enciso

Stefanie Enciso

My name is Stefanie, and I have been working here for two months. I am married to Antonio and we have two beautiful daughters. My husband has been working in Alto Refugio since the beginning of the year.

Two times a week I make visits to the HIV patients in the hospital. It is a joy for me to visit them, bring them some things that can be useful to them and encourage them to have faith in Christ. It is not always easy, but the Lord gives me the right words to encourage or to give comfort. I have learned that many times I just need to be there to listen.

When a person gives their life to Christ through our work, we know that God is the One doing the work. The Bible says, “One sows, another waters, and others reap.” In our work it is that way. The cooks, the cleaners, the directors, the counselors, the teacher, the administrators and other volunteers all contribute to leading people to get to know God.

Every day I am seeing new things, get to know special people, patients who are brave to continue living and to put their faith in God. It is a privilege for me to work together with others who inspire me with their lives. It fills me with joy to be able to serve God in Alto Refugio.



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