Thirza Müller

Thirza Müller

Hello. My name is Thirza Mueller I am 20 years old, and come from Germany. I came as a missionary to South America with the MoVida ministry. After 5 months in Chile, I arrived in Paraguay in March 2012.

MoVida allows me to choose from a variety of social service organization, and one of them is Alto Refugio. I enjoy my work here where I see the needs of many people who live with much fear and in desperate circumstances.

At the same time I see how they are being helped by people who serve with passion and commitment; always willing to listen to them and find ways to respond. This is important!

Alto Refugio’s theme verse “Two are better than one!” reflects this reality very well. I thank God for this opportunity to serve. It has formed me and given me a new perspective on HIV/AIDS and on life in general. I plan to be in Alto Refugio until the beginning of July 2012.


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